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What you can see in Lipari and Aeolian Islands

Lipari is an ideal destination to spend some days of relax and happiness, in beautiful beaches, typical restaurants, bakeries and shops.

Lipari Castle where you can visit:

  • archaeological excavations
  • the interesting archaeological museum “Luigi Bernabò Brea”
  • the cathedral (1094) and the Norman cloister
  • Caterina Church (XVI century)
  • Addolorata Church (XVII century )
  • Immacolota Church (XVIII century)
  • Maria SS. Delle Grazie Church (XVIII century)
  • Anime del Purgatorio Church (XIII century) and Marina Corta Church with a miniature reconstruction of the surroundings
  • the archaeological park in Diana district

St. Calogero thermal baths with its ancient thòlos discovered on 1984, where you will also find an interesting Museum of Memory about thermal baths and white stone history.

White stone mountains with excavations firms, now closed, are another great attraction of the island.

Vulcano: the thermal pools and the climbing of the crater.

Stromboli: the climbing of the crater.

Salina: the climbing of Monte dei Porri and Monte delle Felci; a museum section in Lingua lake.

Filicudi: archaeological excavations, museum section, excursion by boat in Bue Marino cavern and “La Canna”.

Alicudi: climbing across thick heather.

Panarea: with its islets and endogenous manifestations of underwater volcanoes.